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When depositing money into your account, first decide your ideal bettor and how much you want to invest. This way, every time they place a bet, these bets will be automatically deposited into your account.

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User first deposits money into your account


Pick the bettor you want & the amount to bet


Automatically copy and instantly replicating their bet in your own account

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“As a Betmaket user, I was amazed by their service. I just follow a few simple steps to complete the entire betting process. Now all I have to do is occasionally check on its progress!”

Miriam Yeung

“Before I knew about betmaket, I started using the platform just to see what it was all about and always observe the performance of bettors. The features of the platform are easy to set up, and all the punters’ information they provide is detailed and made it easy for me to get to know them. Betmaket is great! I highly recommend it to all of them!”

Leslie Cheung

BetMaket Recommends the Best Online Gambling Site for Your Betting 

The online gambling market is extremely competitive, with thousands of platforms competing for your business. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to know which online betting sites are safe, trustworthy and reliable. Fortunately, BetMaket saves you a lot of steps so that you can get the best solution. 

We will recommend our users the best online gambling sites that we believe are best for your online betting. 12Play and B9Casino are the best examples. We will not recommend an unreliable online betting site to our users. 

When we review and rate online sports betting sites, we will investigate deeply. These sites all meet or exceed our minimum security standards. 

BetMaket researched the reputation of its betting sites, analyzing the quality of the betting odds offered, the value of betting bonuses, as well as banking options and customer service. Players can browse all of these online gambling sites without worry. 

Sports Betting from the Perspective of Making Money

Independent from Financial Markets

Even in the global crisis, the risk/reward of professional sports bettors’ performance will not change with economic conditions.

Beating the Market

The bettors selected by Betmaket are experienced professionals. They have a proven track record that proves they are capable of grabbing markets that offer better odds.

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